Strategic Plan
The Lobster Sustainability Foundation is a non-profit, public/private sector association representing all stakeholders in the lobster industry; harvesters, processors, employees, marketers, customers, scientists, governments, and other interested parties; dedicated to preserving and enhancing the viability of the lobster industry and its communities for future generations through undertaking, sponsoring, and promoting scientific research on stock and habitat enhancement , environmental and ecological protection and sustainability of the industry as a whole.

The Lobster Sustainability Foundation is a non-profit, private entity that will function as the vehicle to promote, preserve, and support a strong, healthy, and sustainable resource; and a robust, stable, and self-sufficient industry that will provide long-term economically viable opportunities for all levels of stakeholders, associated participants in the industry, and their communities.

The Lobster Sustainability Foundation, recognizes that the lobster industry is one of the founding industries of Atlantic Canada; has fostered the building, development, and sustenance of hundreds of communities and their inhabitants in this region; and remains one of its most important industries in terms of employment, revenue, and export; holds and applies the values, beliefs, and respect that reflect its social and economic importance:

  • We will focus on science-based practical solutions to real problems
  • We will foster a cooperative, collaborative, non-confrontational approach
  • We will work with openness and transparency 
  • We will conduct our operations with fairness, responsibility and accountability 
  • We will respect the critical importance of the environment and its biodiversity
  • We recognize the need for sustainability of productivity while undertaking projects
Primary Strategic Goal
Stock and Habitat Enhancement: To promote and support applied research and related activities to preserve, restore, and/or enhance the lobster stocks, their habitats and ecosystems; with the objective of advancing the stability and sustainability of the resource.

Supporting Goals
Environmental and Ecological Research, Protection and Sustainability: To promote and support investigative and remedial activities directed toward preservation or restoration of the lobster environment and ecosystem compatible with strong and healthy lobster stocks,

Governance policies and procedures: To provide science-based solutions to guide policy makers, enabling them to make choices that are practical, effective, efficient, participatory, inclusive, accountable, and adaptive in management policies and regulations. (some descriptives taken from the FRCC report)

Social and Community Enhancement: To promote and support community-initiated and backed projects associated with lobster stocks, habitats, and ecosystems; that will create sustainable cultural, social, and/or economic benefits within the community.
Communication through Information and Education: To provide a forum within the stakeholders’ groups and to the general public, for discussion, communication, dissemination of information, and otherwise increasing understanding of the causes and consequences of problems affecting the lobster industry, and on the solutions being undertaken.