The goals of the symposium are to:
·         Inform stakeholders on the latest lobster science at home and abroad;
·         Discover opportunities for serving the industry, and;
·         Map the way forward to support lobster sustainability through science.
                             Summer of 2015

Agenda - 2012
Bruneau - Université de Moncton
Daoud - Homarus Inc.
Desjardins - Université de Moncton
Fuller - Ecology Action Centre
Haché - Coastal Zone Research Society
Hatcher - Cape Breton University
Hébert - DFO
Jeffs - University of Auckland
Kilada - University of NB
Lamont - Tangier Lobster Company
Lugar - Marine Stewardship Council
Rochette - University of NB
Scott - Tibbetts - Fishermen & Scientists Research Society
Smith - VP Retail Strategy and Sustainability, Sobeys
Tlusty1 - New England Aquarium
Tlusty2 - New England Aquarium
Vasseur - Brock University
Vasseur (Recap) - Brock University

Agenda - 2011
Bob Bayer - Lobster Institute
David Smith - VP Retail Strategy & Sustainability, Sobeys
Elise Keppel - St. Francis Xavier University
Dr. Gro van der Meeren - Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Dr. Gro van der Meeren (2) - Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Louise Gendron - DFO (Québec)
Liette Vasseur - Brock University
Liette Vasseur (2) - Brock University
Marcel LeBreton - Eco Tec Consultants
Martin Mallet- Homarus Inc.
Michael Tlusty- New England Aquarium
Rick Doucet- Executive Director ALSF
RPPSG - Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie
Richard Wahle - University of Maine